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The World’s Newest and Highest Grade Development of a “Low-Iron” Lithium Resource

Frontier Lithium’s PAK Deposit containing high grade ore with no iron impurities is an opportunity for a new supply chain of technical-grade lithium for industrial producers of ceramics and glass. This market consumes 32% of global lithium production (USGS, 2016). Virtually, all new lithium developments are being directed toward production of battery grade (99.9%) pure lithium compounds which require massive capital investment. Industrial ceramic and glass producers do not require this level of purity provided they have access to “low-iron” lithium concentrate in excess of 7% lithium oxide content (one tonne of concentrate contains 70kg of contained lithium oxide). Frontier Lithium intends to fill this supply chain gap at lower prices to industrial ceramic and glass manufacturers and higher margin to itself.

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Lithium, tantalum, rubidium and cesium have a strong market price and outlook. Demand for lithium is forecasted to grow by at least 8.5% per year until 2025. Make a move into the lithium market with a cost-efficient entry in technical-grade spodumene concentrates.

Learn more about rare metals and our strategic growth plan for the PAK Lithium Deposit.

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