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Lithium Concentrates

Frontier’s lithium is contained in a rare low-iron spodumene resource which can produce two lithium products, a characteristic found in only a few commercially-viable deposits around the world. Premium glass market prefers lithium from clean spodumene, due to the increased presence of alumina and silica in the mineral, both of which are key glassmaking materials. The low level of iron as an impurity is also critical for both glass and Li-ion battery markets, who would otherwise need to incur additional cost to remove impurities.

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High Quality, Low Impurity

Frontier recently produced a high quality spodumene concentrate product with an average grade of 7.2% lithium oxide (“Li2O”) and low impurities from the PAK Deposit composite sample.

Best Spodumene Product

The concentrate compares favourably with the premium concentrate specification guarantees from the world’s rare primary source of technical grade spodumene concentrates, produced from the Greenbushes deposit in southwestern Australia.


Lithium Chemicals

The best deposits make premium concentrates required to produce the highest quality chemicals for lithium-ion batteries.

Frontier has successfully produced battery-quality lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LiOH-H2O) through a reputable third-party firm using its crystallization process technology from a purified lithium hydroxide (LiOH) solution. The lithium salts were produced from ‘ore-to-hydroxide’ sulphate conversion route by a mini-pilot plant using core samples taken from the PAK Lithium Project’s PAK deposit.

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Frontier Lithium Hydroxide Testwork and Industry Specifications